Recurrence of the diseases after stopping NBS consumption

Recurrence of the disease after stopping NBS consumption

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In this article, we will explain about the Recurrence of the disease after stopping NBS consumption.

First, we will talk about the fundamental and key factors in a disease recovery period. 

After that, we will examine the role of nutrition in our health, how NBS superfood works in our body and at the end, answer one of the most common and important questions that people ask about recurrence of the disease after stopping NBS consumption.

What factors play a role in the Recurrence of a disease?

During the recovery or treatment period of a disease, there is always a possibility of the disease recurrence. That is because different environmental and non-environmental factors can affect patients with physical or mental illness.

Depending on the type of disease, type of treatment, and individual characteristics such as age, genetics and lifestyle the recurrence possibility of the disease will vary.

The role of nutrition in health

The role of nutrition in health

Much research has been done to investigate the role of nutrition in health, prevention, and improvement of diseases.

For instance, in traditional medicine, one of the three most important principles of treatment is nutrition. The rules of nutrition and eating habits play an essential role in treatment of diseases. 

One of these rules is the quantity and quality of foods which have their effects on the body’s metabolism.

Studies and clinical trials show that nutrition by affecting the body’s microorganisms, plays a key role in preventing or improving the disease. All the body systems need healthy nutrients for their activities, it is better to say the deficiency of some elements such as iodine, iron, and zinc can reduce the strength of the body’s immune system. This weakness in the immune system can lead to many infectious diseases.

Different types of diseases

Different types of diseases

Complications that affect the body’s health have different types. Some of these complications, such as hair loss occur temporarily. However, there are some inflammatory diseases such as osteoarthritis and fatty liver that occur over time. Besides, some disease has a genetic and inherited origin. Lifestyle and nutrition are very effective factors in creating or improving most diseases except genetic ones. These two factors are also important in the recurrence of the disease depending on the type.

NBS Superfood Function

NBS supplement as a superfood regulates body functions. NBS Superfood regulates and enhances body activities by affecting the cellular metabolism.

NBS superfood eliminates toxins accumulated in the body. Besides, this supplement provides all the vital micronutrients needed by the body systems.

Daily consumption of NBS superfood is recommended due to its effects and cellular activities.

Recurrence of the disease after stopping NBS consumption

To answer this question that “whether recurrence occurs after stopping NBS consumption?” we should refer to the points made in this article. As mentioned, unhealthy nutrition and micronutrient deficiencies can lead to many diseases. Also, due to the lack of micronutrients in the body and unhealthy lifestyle, complications occur in a person’s physical health.

Recurrence of disease caused by micronutrient deficiencies

For temporary diseases such as hair loss and brittle nails, complications may return after stopping NBS consumption, as these temporary complications are as a result of micronutrients deficiency in the body, the body will need these micronutrients again after stopping NBS consumption.

Chronic Diseases

Chronic Diseases

If the disease has developed over time, such as osteoarthritis, lumbar disc herniation, or other diseases such as fatty liver, the consumption duration of the NBS superfood should be taken into account.

If you have consumed NBS superfood for long and your disease improved, the possibility of disease’s reoccurrence after stopping NBS consumption reduces to a large extent. By the way, nutrition and lifestyle are important factors that can decide about the return time of disease. 

However, if you continue to eat and live an unhealthy lifestyle, for the chronic diseases it will take time to return.

Diseases caused by unhealthy eating and lifestyle

If the disease is more simple in terms of affecting person’s health, for example, digestion problems such as constipation, the possibility of the disease’s reoccurrence due to lifestyle changes, consumption, or non-consumption of NBS would be different.

Exercising, drinking plenty of water, reducing stress or other changes can prolong the disease’s recurrence time.

Remember that consuming NBS superfood regularly eliminates some of the other causes of constipation, such as stress.


The type of disease and lifestyle alone cannot prove that after stopping NBS consumption, the recurrence of the disease will not happen.

In diseases of the immune system, it is recommended to continue consuming NBS superfood after recovery. Although nervous disorders and damages have less possibility of recurrence after recovery, it is recommended to continue consuming superfoods to strengthen the nerve cells.

In fact, the duration of NBS superfood consumption is very important. Also the body physiology and lifestyle are influential in the recurrence of the disease. Authentic reports from patients taking NBS superfood can be a good reference to answer this question. In some people, recurrence of the disease did not occur after stopping NBS consumption, but in some other consumers, the recurrence happened.

Due to the lack of access to proper and complete nutrition, it is recommended to consume NBS superfood daily and do not worry about the recurrence of the disease due to the unhealthy nutrition.


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