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Dr Aref Khalkhali

Dr. Aref Khalkhali was born in the beautiful and religious city of Mashhad in Iran. Dr. Khalkhali continued his studies to doctorate degree majoring molecular cell biology and now is a researcher in biological and medical sciences. From the very beginning, Mr. Khalkhali was very interested in research and discovery in the field of biological sciences, and finally during undergraduate course, he was able to achieve the first rank in medical and biological research in the country by inventing a micromanipulator needle.

The idea of inventing superfoods

Throughout his pedagogical period, Dr. Khalkhali’s main concern has always been the discovery or invention of natural products to improve and enhance the health of the body which finally after investigating for years, the idea of producing NBS Superfood was crossed Dr. Khalkhali’s mind. Since behind this idea, there was an increase in the level of human health and the satisfaction of a large segment of the people, so Dr. Khalkhali tried to implement it.

Super food NBS production

Dr. Aref Khalkhali, with continuous pursuits to make this idea a reality, after years of relentless trial and error, finally succeeded in inventing the NBS Superfood product. After inventing the NBS Superfood product, the next step is to confirm its nature and benefits in the Ministry of science. After 4 years of practice and providing all the necessary documents, succeeded in registering this invention and receiving approval that emphasizes the product is unique.

NBS superfood development

getting the patent of this invention in Iran, Mr. Aref Khalkhali traveled to Turkey and decided to establish a company in this country, which finally succeeded in registering the company and the NBS brand after going through all the legal steps. By obtaining the necessary licenses to produce and supply NBS superfoods in the Turkish market, Dr. Khalkhali decided to globalize NBS and took the infrastructure steps to export NBS supplements worldwide.

Globalization of NBS Superfood

Dr. Khalkhali succeeded in obtaining the necessary licenses and approvals in the global arena to export NBS superfood to various countries in the world. This invention has created a great revolution in body health that is unique in the world and has been welcomed incredibly in Iran and Turkey for its amazing effect on the body. NBS company is currently negotiating with many countries all around the world, such as Azerbaijan, Central Asia, Oman, the Persian Gulf countries, Spain and other European countries, to sell and supply the product globally.

NBS Superfood