the role of nutrition in society


Nutrition has a key role and important status in society. Human life is impossible without nutrition.

Today, human beings’ physical and mental health depends heavily on the type of food they eat. Many diseases have unhealthy food origins and healthy food has been effective in preventing diseases.

The production and consumption of various drugs and dietary supplements confirm the importance of this issue.

that’s why the advancement of science and technology, researchers, and scientists have tried to find proper and healthy nutrition solutions.

So, as the population grew, other traditional food production systems did not respond to human food needs anymore, so communities began to industrialize the production of various foods.

Industrial nutrition

The Role Of Nutrition In Society

The entry of industry and machinery into the natural cycle of food was able to meet the food needs of the growing population of the planet.

New types and forms of food sources were also made available. Food variety, new flavors, easier access to food, increased cooking speed, and food preparation, led to the advancement of food industry technology.

This advancement facilitated human nutrition, but over time, its unhealthy effects became apparent.

Community awareness of proper nutrition

Community awareness of proper nutrition

As mentioned, the food industry provides a variety of food products to the community.

This access to processed food and different flavors kept people away from proper nutrition. For this reason, the occurrence of various problems and diseases has become common in societies.

Therefore, researchers and specialists tried to formulate and prepare standard diet plans. Healthy food plates and healthy food pyramids are examples of these food programs.

Healthy Nutrition Pyramid

Healthy Nutrition Pyramid

Created and produced by health researchers in different countries, this pyramid is in fact an image that helps people in the community to achieve a healthy diet.
Research has shown that many diseases occur due to a lack of proper diet. Cereals, vegetables, fruits, fats, dairy products, meat, and legumes are some of the components of this pyramid that the standard daily consumption is recommended for a healthy body.

Plate of healthy food

A plate of healthy food prepared by Harvard University is also intended to improve and plan your nutrition.
This plate, which visually shows the daily food sources needed for the body, in addition to specifying the amount of each food source, also emphasizes their quality. For example, to consume oil, it recommends consuming healthy oils.

It also refers to healthy drinks and exercise and their importance on our health.

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Is dieting enough to keep healthy?

The answer to the questions such as whether consuming food sources according to diet programs is enough to have a healthy body?

Are many diseases in society simply due to lack of food or their deficiency?

is vague we only come to this cliche that in the past, there was less disease. Maybe it’s time to reconsider the quality of nutrition in line with the body’s natural needs. Let’s think about why, even with the development of the food and medicine industry, we are still involved in various diseases, and in some cases, we even see the disease return or the treatment is prolonged.

How can food and water, which are the guarantors of our lives, affect our health?

Join us to take a look at the answers to these questions.


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