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What is NBS SUPERFOOD and what does it do?

It is a completely natural food supplement processed from wheat extract which contains vitamins, minerals, phenolic compounds, omega 3, omega 6, omega 9. All micronutrients in NBS SUPERFOOD are natural and are obtained from wheat extract. They help regulate the body’s natural metabolism and energy production by meeting the daily needs of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, etc., they also reduce fatigue.

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All people over the age of 11 can use NBS SUPERFOOD. Patients with autoimmune diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and genetic diseases, those who have had organ transplants and those who have platinum, prosthesis or an external object such as a heart battery, etc. in their body, can use the product only under the supervision of a doctor.

Since NBS SUPERFOOD is a completely natural food supplement and the body needs micronutrients daily, after a few periods of consumption, not only there is no need to stop taking it, but also it is recommended to be used daily.

Superfood should be mixed in a glass of cold water, fruit juice or milk (powder cannot be dissolved, it is mixed) and should be consumed according to the table below and your body weight.

The first 5 days a bag of 1.25 g

2 bags up to 70 kg per day

3 bags 70-90 kg per day

4 bags 90-105 kg per day

5 bags over 105 kg per day

Zinc, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin D and phenolic compounds in the product improve the normal functioning of the immune system.


Since the product is completely plant-based, it does not have vitamin B12.

NBS SUPERFOOD contains a formula from the law book of Bu Ali Sina and is a completely natural and herbal combination. It has no preservatives and its effectiveness has been proven in pre-clinical studies, so you can use the product safely.

As our bodies need a lot of micronutrients and minerals on a daily basis, and our daily diet due to the industrialization of the food industry cannot meet these needs, moreover, the food products such as chicken, red meat, cereals and legumes containing medicines, agricultural toxins and preservatives, our body suffers from micronutrient deficiencies and in the long run these deficiencies cause problems for the body.

On the other hand, unhealthy nutrition and lack of micronutrients reduce the body’s daily energy, which ultimately leads to inactivity, which causes obesity and exacerbates problems. Toxins and harmful substances that are present in our daily diet, consumption of tobacco and alcohol and polluted air cause the accumulation of toxins in the tissues of the body, which aggravates the problems of the body. The daily stresses that accompany us in modern life also cause more problems.

The natural product of NBS Superfood, providing these deficiencies, helps regulate the body’s metabolism by supplying micronutrients and also helps the body cleanse itself of toxins, as a result, your nutritional deficiencies are gradually eliminated and special organs for cleansing the body, such as the liver and the kidneys are strengthened and your body is cleansed of toxins naturally ( Toxins are released from body tissues into the bloodstream and then excreted in the urine, feces, sweat, and sinuses).

As you know, thousands of fortifying and multivitamin supplements are sold in pharmacies, most of which are completely chemical, some of their compounds are chemical or are made artificially, But NBS SUPERFOOD is made completely naturally in a new innovative way, all the vitamins, minerals and compounds of this product are made naturally and are completely absorbable by the body.

No, it is processed from wheat extract and there is no ginseng or any kinds of edible mushrooms in it.

The composition of the product is completely natural and certainly not a doping agent. Athletes can use the product safely.

Since the product is processed and produced from wheat extract, it contains gluten and is not suitable for people with celiac disease.

Pregnant women cannot use the product according to Turkish food supplement law, but breastfeeding mothers can use it only under the supervision of their doctor.

It contains natural sugar (maltose) 3.8%

NBS SUPERFOOD is available in Europe, Arab countries and the Middle East and is used safely.

There is no gender difference in consumption, so men and women can use NBS SUPERFOOD safely. Men and women, regardless of their temperament or climate, should get their vitamins and minerals to their bodies naturally on a daily basis.

There are no known side effects for NBS SUPEROOD.

But as NBS regulates the metabolism, activity of the liver and other organs of the body, it causes toxins that have accumulated in the tissues through (unhealthy food, polluted climate, smoking and hookah, alcohol consumption, Chemicals and preservatives in food industry, agricultural pesticides in summer crops, drugs and pesticides used in agricultural farms, livestock and poultry farms and the use of chemical drugs, etc.) over the years, enter the blood by the natural mechanism of the body, and are excreted through the liver and other detoxifying devices. At the beginning of consumption, depending on the degree of toxicity of each person, the following symptoms occur temporarily and after cleansing the body, these symptoms will be disappeared.

None of these symptoms will occur in people who have a healthy diet and get enough exercise and mobility. people who have toxic body may have one or more of the following symptoms.

The symptoms of detoxifications are: bad breath, bad body odor, foul-smelling stools, headache, dark urine, mucus excretion, body aches, dizziness, increased body sweating, fatigue, irritability.

It is expected that in the first 10 days of use, symptoms of detoxification will be observed. After 4 weeks of use, the positive effects of NBS superfood may be seen which are different from person to person.

The price of packages for the average consumption of a month is 149 liras.

You can buy NBS Superfood from pharmacies and authorized food supplement stores or through our website and social medias.

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