Leg pain


Leg pain is because of an injury, overuse, or condition that causes inflammation of any of the bones, ligaments, or tendons of leg. This condition has various causes and symptoms, most of which are due to diseases related to the joints and bones. Heel and leg pain before menstruation and during pregnancy are common types of this disease. By following the treatment instructions of traditional medicine and home remedies, all kinds of these problem can be treated, including nerve pain in the legs.

Causes and symptoms of leg pain

Causes and symptoms of leg pain

Damage to the nerves in the leg may lead to severe burning, numbness, or inflammation. Osteoarthritis is the most common cause of this problem. Chronic diseases such as alcoholism, diabetes, cancer and vitamin deficiencies are also result of nerve pain in the legs. In the following, we will introduce other causes of this problem.

Causes of leg pain

Some common causes of this disease are:

• leg fracture

• Finger fracture

• Calluses

• Joint inflammation

• Corns and calluses

• Nerve damage caused by diabetes

• Flat feet

• Gout

• Protrusion of the back of the heel

• Hammer finger

• Wearing high heels

• Nails dipped in flesh

• Pain in the front and sole of the foot

• Pain between the fingers

• Arthritis

• Bone infection

• Paget’s disease of the bone

• Inflammation of several peripheral nerves

• Psoriatic arthritis

• Raynaud’s syndrome

• Reactive arthritis

• Inflammatory joint disease

• Infectious arthritis

• Tension fractures of the bone

• Tarsal tunnel syndrome

• Inflammation of the tendon

• Tumor

Heel pain

Heel pain

Heel pain is another result of this disease. This pain occurs in the heel and sole area. Some conditions such as inflammation and rupture of the Achilles tendon, plantar fasciitis, plantar warts, heel spurs, sarcoidosis (a set of inflammatory cells in the body) and bone tumors are its causes .

Leg pain before menstruation

Leg pain and premenstrual cramps are caused by prostaglandins that are released to help loosen the lining of the uterus and cause menstrual flow. Unfortunately, prostaglandins do not stay in the uterus and instead go to other parts, causing muscle cramps not only in the uterus but also in other muscles. If you can predict leg cramps in advance, taking ibuprofen for a day or two may help prevent or reduce severe pain.

Leg pain during pregnancy

Leg pain during pregnancy

This disease during pregnancy can affect daily life and change the amount or quality of sleep. Pain in the legs and joints in the second or third trimester may be the result of being overweight and deformation of body. It can also be caused by fluid retention and joint loosening.

Cramps and swelling in different parts of the body also occur due to a 50% increase in blood and body fluids needed to support a growing baby, but excessive swelling can be a sign of a serious pregnancy complication. If swelling is accompanied by pain, you should consult a docto

Treatment of leg pain

In many cases, your doctor may prescribe physiotherapy to treat your leg pain. Physiotherapy helps to strengthen muscles and tendons of the legs and can prevent further injury. If the pain becomes severe, your doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs. These drugs can be injected into any part of your leg or taken orally. In very rare cases, your doctor may recommend surgery for your leg pain, but surgery wounds take a long time to heal besides it does not always relieve leg pain. Therefore, it is better to use traditional and home medicine treatments before the pain intensifies.

Treatment of leg pain in traditional medicine

Traditional medicine suggests the following ways to treat leg pain:

• Keeping legs warm with camel hair bandage

• Massage the soles and on the feet with warm oils

• Strengthen the immune system

• Put your feet in sea salt

• Use a combination of olive oil and ginger on the sore spot

• Consumption of alder plant distillate

• Put a hot water bag on the sore spot

• Put a pillow under your feet

• Do not eat heavy and high-fat foods

• Eat crushed black seed with honey on a daily basis

• Drink warm water

• Consume valerian or lavender

• Consume grape, berry and fig juice

• Consume a mixture of grated apples with rosewater and honey

• Eat a few sweet almonds daily

• Eat a few soaked figs a day

Treatment of nervous leg pain

Treatment of nervous leg pain

Some nervous leg pain can be cured with treatment, but it can take months or even years. Other nervous pains remain constant or slowly get worse over the years. Your doctor can help identify and treat this type of leg pain with the best available treatments. You can also reduce the pain by doing the following strategies.

Try to avoid any movements or activities that cause more nerve stretching. Do not wear high heels or shoes with narrow toes. Nerve pain can get worse at night and cause sleep disorders. Limit caffeine intake and have a regular sleep. Excessive alcohol drinking is harmful to the nerves and makes nerve pain worse. If you have diabetes, control your blood sugar. Normal blood sugar levels are the best possible treatment for diabetic neuropathic pain.

Gentle foot massage with lavender oil helps to temporarily reduce pain and discomfort. Regular exercise releases a natural painkiller called endorphins. It can also improve blood flow to the leg nerve. Regular exercise causes long-term dilation of the blood vessels in the legs and helps to regenerate the nerves. Taking a warm shower may be the simplest and least expensive home remedy for nerve pain. Warm water temporarily increases blood flow to the legs and can also help reduce stress.


Leg pain is one of the most common muscle aches among people. This pain can be caused by a specific disease or problem in the body. Many diseases also have side effects such as leg pain. There are different types of leg pain, including leg pain during pregnancy or before menstruation. Here, many strategies have been introduced such as medication or the use of traditional medicine or home remedies for leg pain treatment.

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