Comparing Gainer supplement with NBS superfood


Comparing Gainer supplement with NBS superfood

In this article, first we will introduce Gainer supplement and its types. Then we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of consuming it and finally we compare it with NBS superfood supplement.

Gainer supplement

Gainer is a bodybuilding supplement. It is composed of protein and carbohydrates. This supplement has different colors such as white, gray or yellow. The gainer powder is produced with chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or tasteless flavors. The gainer’s protein derived from milk and its carbohydrate is derived from starch. Other ingredients include: Maltodextrin, Calcium sodium Caseinate (milk), Sunflower oil, Mono and Diglyceride, potassium bicarbonate.

NBS Superfood Dietary Supplement
Nbs Superfood

NBS Superfood, is a natural supplement and it processed from whole grains. This supplement contains all the vitamins and minerals body needs. NBS superfood, compared to gainer, which contains chemicals such as Maltodextrin, has no chemical elements in its composition and contains vitamins such as A, C, D, K and B group vitamins and minerals such as plant protein, fiber, iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc and omega 3.

Gainer supplement uses

Studies show that the best way to get the carbohydrates and protein your body needs is a healthy diet. Therefore, before taking any supplement consult with a nutritionist. Although many people want to lose weight, but some people want to gain weight, increase muscle mass and improve their performance through exercise. For people who have problem with gaining weight, gainers are good supplements that can easily increase a person’s calorie intake. Gainer is one of the most popular bodybuilding supplements. It contains carbohydrates, proteins and fat so it will be helpful to increase the weight and muscle’s mass. Depending on the compound’s percentage in this supplement, its dosage and consumption method is different. Using this supplement increases the energy of athletes and therefore it improves their performance during training and competitions.

NBS Superfood uses

Superfood plays an important role in regulating and strengthening the body systems. One of the beneficial effects of NBS superfood is to regulate a person’s standard weight. Due to importance of receiving useful and natural micronutrients for athletes, this supplement can have a great impact on the athlete’s performances. Therefore, consumption of NBS superfood during exercise is recommended for bodybuilders.

Types of Gainer Supplements
Types of Gainer Supplements

Gainer has different types. Due to the bodybuilders different diet and purposes, supplements are based on the various purposes too. One of the most important Gainer’s supplement is the weight gain and muscle mass gain supplement.

Who can use weight gain Gainer?

Weight gain Gainer is suitable for people who are thin and have difficulty gaining weight. This supplement contains carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals as well as specific amino acids. This type of Gainer is rich in calories and its highest calorie level is due to the presence of many carbohydrates in the composition of this supplement.

Who can use muscle mass gain Gainer?

One of the most important and popular supplements for muscle gain is Gainer muscle mass supplement. Athletes who want to build muscles usually use this gainer. This supplement can provide the calories your muscles need during their recovery process.

Like weight gain Gainer, muscle mass gain Gainer supplement has a combination of protein, fat and carbohydrates too, but the amount of its protein is more than carbohydrates.

How to consume Gainer supplement?

Gainer powder can be mixed with water and milk but it is better to mix it with milk to provide more calories for the body. You can use this supplement every morning after waking up, before exercise, after exercise and before sleep. It is usually recommended to take Gainer supplement 3 times a day, but this amount can be increased more.

The best time to consume muscle mass gain Gainer
The best time to consume muscle mass gain Gainer

The best time to consume Gainer muscle mass is 30 minutes after exercise, because the percentage of muscle building is in its highest level. Of course, it does not mean that you cannot take this supplement at other times but if you are looking for the best results, after training is the best time to use Gainer supplement.

The best time to consume weight gain Gainer

The best time to consume this supplement is during breakfast, after exercise and before going to bed. However, consuming more calories than your body needs will cause gain weight. For example, to gain weight by 4.5 kg per month, it is recommended to take it 5 times in a day. (2 meals for breakfast, 1 meal after exercise and 2 meals before going to bed)

How to consume NBS superfood

NBS supplement can be consumed at any time of the day and daily consumption of this supplement just once a day can provide all the nutrients your body needs. It is recommended to mix it with cool liquids such as water, juices and milk and also NBS powder can be used with cool foods too.

Gainer supplement side effects
Gainer supplement side effects

If the Gainer supplements not be used in excess, it is safe and will not cause any side effects. Many people with excessive consumption of the gainer to achieve their ultimate goal of building muscle or gaining weight fast, experience side effects. If the body’s metabolism is not balanced, in some cases the use of gainer will not lead to muscle building. Some of the side effects of gainers if not used properly include nausea, diarrhea, stomach problems, Insomnia, Muscle cramps problems, liver diseases, Breathing disorders and excessive fat in the body.

Drug Interactions

To date, there is no evidence that Gainer supplementation interacts with a particular drug or supplement. However, it is better for pregnant and lactating women and diabetics to use this supplement under the supervision of a doctor. Also, if you are taking any special medications or other supplements, be sure to inform your doctor to determine the exact time of taking each of them to prevent drug interactions.

NBS superfood Side effects

NBS superfood is a natural supplement and has no side effects for consumers. At the beginning of consumption, this supplement removes the body toxins of improper nutrition and it makes consumers refreshed and energetic. The superfood detoxification Mechanism period is 5 to 20 days.

Consumption of Gainer supplement without exercise

 consumption of Gainer supplement without exercise depends on several factors. if you do not intend to exercise it is recommended that you do not use gainer supplements to gain weight. because this supplement is high in calories and increases the amount of stored fats in the body and nothing happens in the muscles mass volume.

But if you are still determined to compensate for your weight loss through gainer, be sure to consult your doctor to determine the type of gainer and the proper amount for you.


In this article, we introduced and reviewed Gainer supplement. Then we explained about its ingredients, how to use it and its side effects. We also reviewed the superfood supplement and compared its features with Gainer supplement.


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