Detoxification mechanism with NBS superfood

Detoxification mechanism with NBS superfood


Detoxification is the body’s mechanism to regulate its functions. These functions include regulating heart rate and body temperature, as well as adapting to environmental factors.

   In fact, this mechanism is caused by two factors. The first factor is the metabolism of enzymes in the body and the second is the effect of the environment on the body, such as polluted air and poor nutrition.

The body is constantly trying to get rid of toxins produced or introduced into its system. These toxins are excreted through respiration, transpiration, urine, sputum, and blood.

Symptoms of detoxification occur if the body’s organs are unable to properly remove toxins from the body or the entry of an external agent puts the body in an active detoxification state. The severity of these symptoms depends on the level of toxins in the body, diet and lifestyle of each person.

Organs involved

Detoxification mechanism with NBS superfood

The kidney is the main organ for excreting toxins and waste products. The kidneys act as a filter to purify the blood, to receive harmful substances from the blood and to direct them out of the body.

The liver is the other organ involved in the excretion of toxins. Ammonia for example is a toxin from the body’s metabolism that is excreted by the liver.

Waste from the metabolism of drugs and chemicals is also sent through the liver to the kidneys for excretion.

Other organs of the body also play a direct and effective role in the mechanism of detoxification, all parts of the digestive system from the mouth to the intestines, the respiratory system which expels toxins from the body in the form of carbon dioxide and finally, the lymphatic system whose main task is to eliminate toxins and protect the body against the invaders.

Poor nutrition and its impact on the body

Today, food production is done both naturally and industrially by combining chemical elements. Vegetables, oils and many food sources, contain chemicals and artificial forms of nutrients. Although these compounds seem to meet the needs of the body, but in the long run will have devastating effects on our health.

Vitamin B9, for example is needed by the body, but folic acid is a form of this vitamin that in a long run can cause negative effects in the body, such as cancer. However, folic acid is found in most foods or vitamins supplements.

Due to the composition of nutrients and the adverse effects they can cause in the long run, proper and natural nutrition is very important for our health.

Detoxification mechanism with NBS superfood

As mentioned, the body is always trying to use the input materials to regulate its functions and supply the energy it needs. Body excretes toxic substances through the relevant organs as much as it can. But many of the available food sources that have been part of our nutrition for years contain chemical compounds. Therefore, they cause adverse effects, such as the deposition of toxins in the internal organs of the body. These harmful compounds can cause many diseases over time.

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NBS Superfood contains natural and nutritious elements. These compounds, which contain vitamins and minerals needed by the body, are found in this supplement in their natural form.

The entry of these nutrients into the body, due to its natural nature, causes healthy nutrition to be provided to the body’s cells, so the detoxification organs are activated and expel the deposited toxins out of our body.

In fact, NBS Superfood supplement regulates and strengthens all body systems. This regeneration removes toxins from systems of the body. So, the function of the organs of the body returns to its natural state by having natural and nutritious substances.

Detoxification symptoms

Detoxification mechanism with NBS superfood

Excretion of toxins from the body is often accompanied by some symptoms. Changes in the body’s normal detoxification process cause these signs.

Changes in urine color, excessive sweating, dizziness, nausea, tiredness, bad breath, etc. are signs of detoxification of the body and shows its return to normal level.

The result of Detoxification

With the regular consumption of NBS superfood, these symptoms can occur in some people. The duration of detoxification of this supplement is about 5 to 15 days.

After the detoxification period, the person feels refreshed, relaxed and energetic. Because the body is cleansed from toxins and regenerated and returns to its normal state.


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