The role of supplements in smoking cessation

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Some supplements are very helpful in quitting smoking and help prevent anxiety and weight gain during quitting. The presence of vitamins and minerals in supplements can improve the smoking cessation process. In this article, we will talk about the role of supplements in smoking cessation. we will first name the damaging effects of smoking. We then look at the vitamins and nutrients needed to quit smoking to find out how these supplements can help smokers to quit and what problems lack of them can cause. Finally, we will explain about the role of NBS supplement to quit smoking.

Damaging effects of smoking
Lung damage Increased risk of heart disease Increased fertility problems Increased risk of high-risk pregnancies Increased risk of type 2 diabetes Increased risk of cancer Weakening of the immune system Creating vision problems Damage to oral health Damage to skin and hair health
Useful Vitamins and minerals for smoking cessation
Vitamins C, E, A, B and calcium are essential vitamins and minerals for people who smoke or want to quit. In this section, we will introduce what these micronutrients are and how each of them works.

Vitamin C

vitamin c and : smoking cessation

Experts say people who smoke have lower levels of vitamin C than non-smokers. On average, a non-smoker needs about 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C a day, while a smoker needs about 3,000 milligrams. Smoking reduces the body’s vitamin C by up to forty percent, so a deficiency of this vitamin can cause major health problems over time. This vitamin attaches to nicotine, and is easily filtered and excreted through the liver and kidneys. Taking extra vitamin C for a while can help reduce nicotine cravings.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can protect the lungs from the oxidative stress of smoke. The more you smoke, the more you will need the antioxidant effect of vitamin C. Many nutritionists recommend that you take vitamin C supplements if you are a smoker.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant. This vitamin is present in every cell of the body and has a key role in cardiovascular health and preventing heart attacks. Due to the stress that the heart experiences when smoking, the presence of this vitamin is essential to prevent heart problems. The antioxidant properties of vitamin E, in addition to prevention of heart attacks in smokers, can also help reduce respiratory damage.
Smoking is said to increase oxidative stress in the body; so, in these cases, the body needs more antioxidants, including vitamin E, than normal. There is evidence that smoking reduces vitamin E. According to studies, taking supplements containing vitamin E can reduce the oxidative stress caused by smoking to some extent.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A boosts the immune system and helps the body stay healthy when nicotine is stopped. It can also protect the body against cancer to some extent. However, according to studies, taking more than the usual amount of this vitamin is recommended only for people who want to quit smoking. Natural vitamin A in foods such as green leafy vegetables and orange or yellow fruits is much better absorbed than vitamin A in the form of chemical supplements.


Studies conducted in the year 2000 show that nicotine can increase the risk of osteoporosis in addition to the damage it does to the heart and lungs. Calcium, an important mineral for the health of the body and bones, is directed out from our body by nicotine. By taking calcium supplements or increasing your natural calcium intake, you can counteract this effect while keeping your bones healthy.

Vitamin B
vitamin B and smoking cessation
Smoking causes the body to lose several B vitamins, including folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. Taking supplements containing B vitamins can be helpful in preventing a deficiency in these vitamins in the body. Various studies based on reliable sources show that the amount of B vitamins in the bloodstream of smokers is lower. Smokers often consider stress as a motivating factor to smoke. B vitamins are known as anti-stress vitamins that can help balance a person’s mood and thus can help quit smoking.
The role of NBS superfood supplements in smoking cessation
Nbs Superfood

Although natural supplements will not help you quit smoking directly, you should be aware that if you are a chain smoker, you may be deficient in some vitamins and nutrients in your body. Taking some supplements helps the body fight the side effects of smoking. Some supplements can also be effective in reducing smoking by reducing stress in the body. One of these supplements, which contains most of the vitamins and minerals smokers needed to supply their deficiencies , is the NBS Superfood Supplement. This supplement is naturally produced and can compensate for the deficiencies caused by smoking. NBS superfood contains sufficient amounts of vitamins C, E, A and B and calcium that can provide all the micronutrients needed to quit smoking. So if you decide to quit smoking, we recommend that you have NBS superfood in your diet .


Many ways to quit smoking have been introduced so far. Supplementation is one of the suggested harmless ways that can help people quit smoking or reduce the deficiencies caused by continuous smoking in their body. In this article, we talked about the role of supplements in quitting smoking. First, we got acquainted with damaging effects of smoking. In the following, we introduced supplements and explained how all the vitamins and nutrients help for quitting smoking. Finally, we talked about taking supplements that are suitable for smoking cessation. These supplements must contain the vitamins and minerals needed to quit smoking in order to be effective.


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