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NBS SuperFood VIP

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NBS is a natural product obtained by a new engineering method of grain processing. This product was invented in 2015 and has patent certificate. This product is practically an extremely powerful food supplement that has many differences with other dietary supplements available in pharmacies.



What is NBS Superfood VIP?

NBS superfood is a natural nutritional supplement processed from grains using modern engineering. This product contains essential vitamins, minerals, phenolic compounds and omega 3-6-9 for the body. Everything we consume cannot be absorbed. NBS provides sustainable immunity at the cell level.

NBS Superfood is a powerful antioxidant, metabolism regulator and cell regenerative nutritional supplement with its rich micronutrients. It provides hormone and enzyme balance of the body by acting on all body systems. It strengthens the body’s immunity against viruses and bacteria with its anti-inflammatory properties.

Packaging Information:

One and a half months: Sufficient for consumption for 45 days for people weighing 70 kg.


The best time to consume is in the morning before breakfast. In general, it can be mixed with water, milk, fruit juice and cold drinks, half an hour before or after a meal throughout the day.

prohibited use:

People with Celiac disease (Gluten Allergy)

Organ transplant recipients

Resistant epilepsy

People with FMF and ALS

Usage Suggestions:

– People with high blood pressure or diabetes should start with a quarter dose after breakfast and report the effects of the product to their advisors every five days and consult the consultant who bought the product to increase their consumption. The product is energizing and remember that if the amount recommended by the consultant is exceeded, people with these diseases may have fluctuations in their blood pressure or blood sugar, however, this is normal and will adjust after a while.

– People suffering from autoimmune diseases such as rheumatism, MS, psoriasis, pneumonia, because the product strengthens the immune system and the immune system attacks one of the body’s tissues, the disease first aggravates and after a while, the symptoms gradually disappear for a month or two and the immune system is regulated. and it will no longer attack the body. Note that if the autoimmune disease is of genetic origin, it is recommended not to use the product.

– Those with platinum, prosthesis or pacemaker etc., can only use the product under the supervision of a doctor.

– Pregnant women should only consume under the supervision of a doctor.


Consumption Dose:

– Persons weighing up to 70 kg           2 sachets.

– Persons weighing between 70 and 90 kg         3 sachets.

– Individuals weighing between 90 and 105 kg  4 sachets.

– Over 105 kg     5 sachets.

The reason for the importance of regulating and balancing micronutrients in the body is that micronutrients work as a team. It is interesting to know that it works better in conjunction with vitamin A, D, K, calcium, and magnesium.

If you take a supplement that does not balance the proportions of these micronutrients with each other, besides causing side effects on your body, there will not be a positive result of taking this supplement into the body.

If you have a small amount of vitamin A in your body but enough vitamin D, vitamin D will not work properly, it can even have a toxic effect and vice versa. For this reason, it is very important that the ratio of micronutrients is perfectly balanced.

In addition to providing micronutrients, NBS Superfood can balance their proportions with each other. This helps to meet the body’s needs and regulates the body’s metabolism effectively.

The important thing that happens after consuming NBS in the body of consumers is that in 50% of consumers in the first 5 to 15 days of detoxification, toxins leave the body cells and toxins are poured into the bloodstream.

As we know, toxins enter the body through a polluted climate, products contaminated with agricultural toxins, or using various drugs, and gradually accumulate in body cells. As the enzymatic system that detoxifies cells in humans (especially the elderly) is inactivated, these toxins accumulate in the cells and the cells expel them, cannot throw, which can cause irreparable damage to the body.

After starting the use of this food supplement, the detoxification system of the cells is activated, all toxins are removed from the cells and poured into the blood, so symptoms are seen in the first 5 to 15 days of the detoxification period.

Micronutrients in Superfood NBS regulate the body’s metabolism, gradually strengthen the immune system of the person and help with the digestive system, blood circulation system, central nervous system, kidneys, liver, etc. including strengthens all the different systems of the body.

A study on mice, published in the Journal of the American Academy of Sciences, showed that Superfood NBS strengthens the immune system of mice by eliminating vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

In a clinical study conducted at the University of Medical Sciences in Iran and published in the American journal Plus One, it has been proven to strengthen and improve the function of the immune system in NBS patients.

Numerous experiments in invitro and invivo environment have examined the effect of NBS supplementation on the recovery of various diseases.

Another important study on the effect of this superfood on polycystic ovarian cysts removal shows the positive effect of the above-mentioned supplement in healing these cysts, which practically proves that NBS is very effective in regulating female hormones.

Another important research is the effect of superfood on the regulation of the immune system in rheumatoid arthritis; This has been proven by testing the extraordinary effect of NBS superfood on the regulation of the immune system in reducing the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Another experiment conducted at Tehran Medical University on the effect of NBS in reducing stress, anxiety and depression showed very interesting results about the positive and significant effect of NBS on patients that will be published soon.

the other important study to prove the effect of superfood on hypothyroidism shows that NBS superfood is very effective in solving the problem of hypothyroidism, and its article will be published in the Italian Magazine soon.

In vitro tests include the following investigations:

Regarding the antimicrobial and antibacterial effect of NBS Superfood compared to standard antibiotics, this supplement has been shown to have excellent antimicrobial and antibacterial effects due to the presence of phenolic compounds such as gallic acid.

Results obtained in the field of bad blood cholesterol and lowering triglycerides showed significant positive effects of NBS.

In another trial, it has been proven that the effect of the above product on migraine has a very good effect in controlling migraine.

Currently, a clinical study is being conducted at Tehran Medical University on the effect of NBS in reducing hyperactivity.

In addition, there are two clinical studies in Mashhad Medical University (Azad University); One is related to the effect of NBS on the recovery of severe corona patients with lung involvement, the other is related to the effect of this super food on reducing bad fats (triglycerides and bad cholesterol).

Fortunately, to demonstrate the positive effects of NBS superfood on strengthening, regulating and solving problems, several trials are being designed to prove the extraordinary effects of NBS superfood on the medical community in the healthcare field.

Additional information


NBS Company


Stimulates hair growth and strengthens hair roots Alleviates joint pain. Osteoarthritis, Rheumatism, MS, Depression, migraine headaches, Autoimmune diseases Intestinal colitis




% 12.7

Raw Energy

442 (Calories in 100 gr)

Raw Protein

% 22.3


% 3.6


% 1.98


278 Mg/Kg


% 0.53


27.7 Mg/Kg


841 Mg/Kg


% 0.41

Vitamins B (except B12)

0.29-2.4 Mg

Vitamin C

53.8 Mg

Vitamin D

493 (IU)

Vitamin E

1.12 Mg

Vitamin A

538 (IU)

Vitamin K

64/4 micrograms


49/8 Mg/Kg


62/6 Mg/Kg


24/2 Mg/Kg




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