Liver cleansing

Liver cleansing is a procedure that helps remove waste products and toxins accumulated in the liver more easily from the body. Liver cleansing has many benefits for the body. It can balance the liver and protect your liver from damage in a long run. Traditional medicine recommends the use of various medications and foods to improve liver health, including drinks like herbal tea and foods such as sorrel, jujube and Garlic.

Benefits of liver cleansing

Benefits of liver cleansing
By consuming special foods and following liver cleansing diets, weight loss occurs. Liver cleansing helps treat some non-inherited liver diseases. By cleansing the liver, you can prevent fatty liver to some extent. Liver cleansing can also eliminate some liver damages and strengthen the immune system and as a result you feel less tired during the day.

Liver Cleansing Diet

Liver Cleansing Diet should include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fat such as olive oil, nuts and proteins such as chicken, fish and eggs. The recommended daily caloric consumption is approximately 1600 to 2400 calories per day for women and 2000 to 3000 calories for men. Of course, the quantity of the diet is not important and you should pay attention to the quality of your food.

Immediate liver cleansing

Immediate liver cleansing

Lifestyle and nutrition modifications, as well as consumption of some recommended food sources, speed up liver cleansing. For example, daily consumption of turmeric, which is a powerful detoxifier, can speed up the process of cleansing the liver of impurities. Daily consumption of Artichoke can also have good results on liver. Avoiding sugar, fried foods and alcohol also helps to cleanse the liver faster.


Traditional medicine Experts believe that most liver diseases are due to your temperament. To reduce Soda in the body, it is recommended that people who have a hot dry or cold dry temperament consume a lot of grapes. Grapes can help cleanse the liver
Liver cleansing pill
Liver cleansing pill
Milk Thistle pills are made from sage. This herbal pill can reduce inflammation and death of liver cells by cleansing the liver. It is also effective in treating liver disorders, gallbladder problems and liver cirrhosis. The amount and duration of use of this pill should be prescribed by a doctor, otherwise it can even have a negative effect on the body.

cleansing the liver with drink

There are many different tasty drinks that you can easily prepare daily. Drinking a mixture of warm water and some lemon juice every morning, drinking 8 to 10 glasses of lukewarm water during the day and drinking lukewarm water and honey in the morning are some of the recommended drinks to cleanse the liver. Consumption of fruits and vegetable juices such as carrots, apples, grapefruit, spinach and beets, in addition to weight loss, can also help the liver metabolism.

Liver cleansing distillation

Liver cleansing distillation

Drink a glass of chicory distillation with water daily. In addition to cleansing the liver, it also used to regulate blood cholesterol, strengthen the stomach and relieve constipation. Drink one or two cups of chicory distillation a day.

It can detoxify and relax your body and improves your heart rate. Leek distillation is also recommended for the treatment of liver patients, it also purifies the blood and lowers blood pressure. You can drink two cups of it daily.


Of the herbal teas, Mint tea and chamomile tea are more useful for liver cleansing and treating liver diseases. These teas have a very good taste and aroma, they are also available and easy to prepare. It is better to drink chamomile tea in the evening for two weeks. Yarrow tea, ginger and lemon tea and green tea are other teas that can cleanse the liver.

Liver cleansing tea and Liver cleansing

Cleansing the liver with garlic

Garlic is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammation. The minerals in garlic, called selenium, allicin and allian, can cleanse the liver. These minerals can stimulate liver enzymes and naturally excrete toxins from the body.

Studies shows that raw garlic also reduces the risk of liver cancer. It is better to add garlic to your meal almost at the end of cooking so that its properties are not lost due to the heat.

Cleansing the liver with sorrel

Liver cleansing with sorrel
According to research, the consumption of sorrel has a beneficial effect on fatty liver disease. The combination of sorrel and manna is one of the recommended compounds for cleansing the liver. Other great effects of sorrel include relieving constipation, reducing allergies, controlling blood pressure and disinfecting the body.

Jujube and liver cleansing

According to research, jujube extract can kill several types of cancer cells, including the ovaries, cervix, breast, liver and colon. The antioxidant activity of jujube flavonoids helps reduce stress and inflammation caused by free radical damage in the liver. jujube is also good to relieve constipation, boost immunity and help gastrointestinal health.
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Liver cleansing is vital in order to prevent diseases that occur due to toxins accumulation in the body. By cleansing your liver, you will feel fresh and keep many complications away from your body. Various ways have been recommended to cleanse the liver.

Liver cleansing diets and foods recommended in traditional medicine are low-risk ways to improve liver health. The use of special drinks and herbal teas with available ingredients and easy preparation encourages most people to use them. Garlic, sorrel and jujube are also unique foods that have been extensively researched and proven to have good impact on liver.

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