What are the side effects of NBS superfood?

What are the side effects of NBS superfood?

What are the side effects of NBS superfood?

In this article, we look at the side effects of superfood nbs.

As we all know, chemical drugs usually have many side effects and harms for patients. These complications take the patient out of normal life and disrupt their daily activities. Although it eventually reduces the symptoms of the disease to some extent, but in many of them it causes many problems and complications. If we want to discuss about the side effects of NBS superfood, we must say that not only does it have no side effects for patients Rather, it has been proven in experiments that it strengthens the general health of the body and increases vitality. It also helps strengthen the immune system.

side effects of NBS Superfood

Is NBS superfood harmless?

Studies were performed at Tehran Medical University in the form of a double-blind clinical trial for NBS superfood. No side effects were found for NBS superfoods in the NBS group compared to the control and placebo groups. This proves that NBS superfood is harmless.

In fact, NBS Superfood is a natural and organic product that is free of any chemicals. Given that tens of thousands of people have used this product so far, and there was no harm in consuming NBS superfood. Except for the symptoms caused by early detoxification, which will be fully explained below.

What are the side effects of NBS Superfood Detoxification?

Living in an environment with a polluted climate, excessive use of chemical drugs, use of prepared foods containing preservatives, vegetables and fruits contaminated with agricultural pesticides, etc., gradually cause the accumulation of toxins in the cells of the body.

Observations of NBS Superfood Detoxification Side Effects:

Usually about 30 to 50% of people who start consume of NBS superfood will be face with detoxification experience at the first 10 to 15 days of use. This is why some detoxification effects occur within 10 to 15 days and even in some people up to a month after starting NBS superfood.

Is NBS superfood harmless?

Why does the body detoxify?

Our body has the ability to seamlessly regulate its functions. Temperature regulation, heart rate regulation, cell repair and rejuvenation are among the functions of the body’s adaptation to environmental input factors. The presence of this self-regulation makes people unaware of the presence of toxins in their body.

If organs such as the liver, kidneys, intestines, stomach and skin can not detoxify properly. or the body is activated by an external detoxifying agent, symptoms of detoxification appear in the body.These are the only side effects of superfoods.

Symptoms of detoxification:

Fatigue: One of the most important indicators of the body for self-regulation is persistent fatigue. Feeling hungry after a regular night’s sleep, tending to nap during the day, or having irregular sleep are symptoms of detoxification.

Irregular bowel movements: The liver plays an essential role in detoxification. The liver packs toxins and sends them to the digestive tract. If bowel movements fail to eliminate toxins, constipation develops, which is a sign of detoxification.

Inability to lose weight: If you do not lose weight due to diet and exercise, it is a sign of detoxification. Adipose tissue tends to retain toxins. Knowing this, the body may declare the excretion of toxins from adipose tissue unauthorized. As a result, weight loss becomes difficult. Skin problems: If the liver is full of toxins. Or the digestive system can not excrete toxins. The body uses other methods to eliminate toxins. The skin, as the largest organ of the body, is one of the useful ways to eliminate toxins. Itching, redness, eczema, transpiration, bad odor are signs of detoxification through the skin.

Gallbladder problems: Gallbladder problems can be a sign of lack of Be the balance of the body. Poor digestion, pain in the right side of the chest and gallstones are signs of detoxification of the body.

Frequent urination, discoloration and odor of urine, dizziness, nausea, etc. are other signs of detoxification of the body.

It will be different in different people. As a result, the side effects of superfoods are different for each person. After the toxins leave the body due to the cleansing of the body cells from toxins, the person feels refreshed, refreshed, cheerful and relaxed.

Depending on the physiology of the body, observing some side effects At the beginning of consumption, it is completely normal due to the release of toxins from the cells of the body and entering the blood. It causes side effects when the toxin is present in the blood. Fortunately, toxins are gradually eliminated from the body through the urinary tract, sweat and digestive systems.

Why does the body detoxify?


So not only is NBS superfood harmless Rather, it removes toxins that cause side effects in the body in the first days after consumption and at the whole time of consumption. NBS superfood as a natural and complete supplement meets most of the body’s needs. It is predicted in the future. It will soon replace many of the current chemical supplements, even those approved by the FDA. Of course, it needs to go through the legal process.


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