The role of nutrition in preventing hair graying

The role of nutrition in preventing hair graying

The role of nutrition in preventing hair graying

hair graying – Premature graying of hair is very common among young people these days. In this article, we will scrutinize the ways to prevent gray hair. First, we will examine the reasons for natural and premature hair graying. In the following, we will know more about the ways to prevent hair graying. As supplementation is one of the best ways to prevent gray hair. Therefore, we will finally introduce effective vitamins and minerals in this field in order to delay the process of hair graying.

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Natural hair graying

Natural hair graying ​

As we grow old, our hair color will be changed usually before the age of 50. In old age, you may notice thinning hair in some parts of your head or your hair may change from the original color to gray or white. Your body has some hair follicles. They are small sacs that cover skin cells. Hair follicles have pigment cells known as melanin. These cells are in charge of dying the hair, but over time, the hair follicles lose their pigment, resulting in gray or white hair.

The cause of hair graying at a young age

Hair graying is more visible in people with darker hair. Although white hair is a sign of aging, but white hair can appear at any age. Premature graying of hair can occur before the age of thirty. The following are the main causes of premature graying of hair.

  • 1- Genetics
  • 2- Stress
  • 3- Autoimmune disease
  • 4- Thyroid disorder
  • 5- Vitamin B12 deficiency
  • 6- Smoking

Hair graying prevention

  • The ability to prevent hair graying depends on the cause. If the cause is genetic, there is nothing you can do to prevent it from becoming permanent. If you suspect a disease source, consult your doctor to see if the underlying disease has caused your hair to turn white. According to studies, if a thyroid problem causes the hair to turn white, the pigment may re-emerge after treatment. but if the cause of hair graying is stress or smoking, there is no evidence that the pigment returns after quitting or reducing stress.

Supplements and hair graying prevention

However, with a few lifestyle changes, eating the right nutrients, and other preventative measures, you may be able to maintain your hair color for longer and delay the process of hair graying. Taking supplements to correct the deficiency may also improve the health of hair follicles and restore natural hair color. NBS Superfood is one of the supplements that is completely natural and can help prevent gray hair.

Consumption of vitamins and minerals

A good dietary supplement to prevent hair graying should include the vitamins and minerals introduced in this part.

Consumption of vitamins and minerals

Copper in hair graying

Copper deficiency can disrupt energy production throughout the body and affect blood cells. Copper is also involved in the production of melanin. Getting enough copper in your diet can help prevent gray hair. You can find copper in peanuts, almonds and lentils, as well as beef liver, meat and white mushrooms.

Iron in hair graying

Low iron levels lead to premature graying of hair. Iron is an essential mineral that helps make hemoglobin in blood cells. And hemoglobin is responsible for carrying oxygen to your scalp. By eating meat, lentils and dark leafy vegetables you can make sure you have enough iron in your diet.

Protein (creatine)

You may have heard about creatine treatments to straighten and strengthen your hair, but creatine can also affect the overall health of your hair. Creatine is a protein found in surface cells. When creatine proteins are broken down in hair follicles, it can lead to hair loss and hair pigmentation. Creatine cannot be consumed directly, but by making sure you have enough protein in your diet, you allow the body to extract amino acids and convert them to creatine.

Vitamin B9 (folate)

When you do not get enough vitamin B9 in your diet, you may experience changes in the pigmentation of your hair, skin and nails. Foods rich in vitamin B9 include beans, asparagus, green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits. To maintain healthy hair, vitamin B9 can ensure sufficient pigment for it. The recommended daily allowance of vitamin B9 for most adults is 400 micrograms.

Vitamin D in hair graying

Findings show that people with premature graying hair are also deficient in vitamin D. This vitamin also affects the production of melanin in hair follicles. You can get vitamin D from sun exposure. It is also found in foods including eggs, fish and natural supplements.


Zinc is a mineral that is in charge of protecting your cells and DNA from invaders, which is why people often refer to it as a remedy for cold. Zinc also helps the body make protein and so it can affect hair health. This mineral is found in beans, whole grains and red meat.

Biotin in hair graying

Research shows that biotin deficiency may play a role in premature hair graying. Taking biotin supplements can make hair thicker and stronger. The daily recommendation for most adults is 30 micrograms.


Magnesium is one of the minerals that plays the important role in the health of the skin and hair. This mineral has a role in reducing hair loss by strengthening hair follicles that are composed of protein.

NBS Superfood

NBS Superfood is a dietary supplement of natural origin. This supplement contains useful vitamins and minerals needed by the body. These micronutrients include plant protein, zinc, magnesium, iron, copper, vitamin B9, biotin and vitamin D. Combining these elements in a supplement in a balanced way provides the body with all it needs to fight hair graying.


In this article, we examined the role of nutrition and supplements in preventing gray hair. we first introduced the causes of natural and premature graying of hair. Then we learned about ways to prevent gray hair. One way we introduced was to take supplements and eat a healthy diet. Many vitamins and minerals can play a role in preventing gray hair, which we introduced at the end.


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