Symptoms of Depression, Nutrition and Supplements

Symptoms of Depression

Depression Symptoms and the Role of Nutrition and Supplements

Symptoms of Depression are very common today. It can be said that most people are at risk for this disease. Therefore, in this article, we want to examine the importance of nutrition and supplementation. Let’s talk about improving the symptoms of depression. First we will introduce the disease of depression. Then we will recognize the symptoms of this disease. Then we will talk about the role of nutrition and lifestyle in improving and treating this disease and also taking vitamins, minerals and supplements to reduce We will discuss the severity of depression.

What is depression?

Depression is a serious mental illness that negatively affects how you feel, think and act. Fortunately, depression can be treated. This condition can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems. And reduce your ability to function at work and at home. The disease has different branches and intensities and can be long-term or short-term.

The role of nutrition and supplements in improving depression

Depressive Symptoms

Treatment and medical advice can often help relieve symptoms. What we eat also affects every aspect of health, especially health. Psychotherapy is important. Lifestyle modification therapies, such as a healthy diet, adequate sleep, and exercise, can be as effective as medication and psychotherapy sessions in improving a person’s symptoms. Recent scientific analysis has shown that a number of patients There is a relationship between what a person eats and the risk of depression Farads improved their diet over time with a high consumption of fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts, whole grains, fish, olive oil, low-fat dairy and antioxidants, and low consumption of animal foods. Excessive consumption of red meat, refined grains, sweets, high-fat dairy products, butter, potatoes and high fat and low consumption of fruits and vegetables exacerbated the symptoms of depression. There is no specific diet to treat depression. But eat more, less or do not eat some. Foods can help some people manage their symptoms. However, keep in mind that the quality of the healthy foods you eat is much more important than the quantities. So the patient should try to eat a balanced diet.

Proper Vitamins and Minerals

Research has shown that many vitamins and minerals can help improve depression. Some of them include omega-3s, B vitamins, vitamin D, selenium, antioxidants, proteins, probiotics, zinc and Iron.

Symptoms of depression

Some evidence

Researches has shown that omega-3 supplements may help treat depression. An analysis conducted in 2020 of randomized trials involving 638 women found that omega-3 fatty acid supplements significantly reduced symptoms. Improves depression in pregnant and postpartum women. In general, there are many other studies that show that fatty acids help treat depression in some people. However, more research is needed.

Another example of scientific evidence is about vitamin D consumption supplements. People with this disease have lower levels of vitamin D than the general public. On the other hand, people with the lowest levels of vitamin D will experience the most depressive symptoms. Vitamin D can occur through several Mechanisms, including reducing inflammation, regulating mood, and protecting against Fight neurological dysfunction with depression. A 2019 study of four randomized trials found that vitamin D supplements were effective in reducing the clinical symptoms of people with depression.

The role of nutrition in improving depressive symptoms

The role of supplements in improving the depressive symptoms

many of the nutrients introduced is available in the market for purchase, but you will need to consult a doctor to use supplements. Concomitant use of antidepressants and supplements may cause problems. However, all studies have shown that the use of supplements can have a significant effect on improving and controlling the severity of depressive symptoms, slowing the process and helping to improve mood and physical ability of the depressed patient.

NBS superfood is one of the supplements which it is full of suitable  Vitamins and nutrients that good for depression.

This supplement is prepared in a completely natural way. Taking it can help people with depression to better fight with this disease.

In a clinical trial at the university Tehran About The effect of NBS supplementation on reducing stress and depression has been achieved. The extraordinary results of reducing stress and depression in patients with NBS superfood have been achieved.

Vitamins and minerals suitable for relieving depression


In this article, we discussed the role of nutrition and supplements in improving depression. Therefore, we first defined depression and then talked about the common symptoms of this disease. In the following, we discussed the importance of nutrition and lifestyle in improving this disease and the introduction of vitamins and minerals that are effective in this disease.

We used scientific evidence to highlight the importance of their existence to the depressed person.

Finally, we talked about mineral and vitamin supplements that can play a very important role in improving the performance of depressed people.


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