Diabetes and ways to control it

History of diabetes

Ever since humans began to settle down and farm, ‌the use of sugar among them has increased, however, it was of no concern, because the excess sugar was burnt by extra physical activity and practically neutralized its destructive effects. With the formation of social classes, the wealthy upper class, who consumed more sweets, unlike farmers and the general public, did less physical activity, faced an accumulation of sugar in their bodies. Since then, the concept of diabetes has turned to an objective form. The Greeks called it diabetes and it became known among the people as the disease of the rich ones.

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Diabetes in today’s world

In the modern world with modern lifestyle where physical activity is limited and most people eat fast-food and high-sugar foods, diabetes has become a serious threat to human health; As it currently affects 371 million people worldwide, while 187 million of them are not even aware of it. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the number of people with diabetes will be doubled by 2030, which is worrying.

Also, according to a survey by the International Diabetes Federation, 48% of people in the Middle East, including Iran, have undiagnosed diabetes. In other words, one out of two people is unaware of his/her illness, and this is a major challenge in fight against diabetes.

However, with the spread of diabetes, methods of coping with it have also made significant progress. Scientists know why exactly diabetes occurs and how it affects the human body. Knowing these causes, we’ve now figured out that the sugar of foodstuffs, which enters the body and then cells, can be converted to energy in the cell by a substance called insulin (which is secreted by the pancreas). If the body is unable to produce or use the necessary insulin, the available sugar enters the bloodstream without being converted into energy in the cells, and its high increase in the long-term causes hypertension, damage to blood veins and many other problems.

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Types of Diabetes:

Diabetes is currently divided into two types, Type one and two, each has its own challenges.

Diabetes Type 1

Diabetes Type 1 is caused by the islet cells known as Langerhans inside the pancreas. They are in charge of detecting the cells’ need for insulin so that they can supply the cells with the insulin they need. The problem starts when, due to genetic issues, the immune system detects and destroys these insulin-producing cells as an external agent. As a result of this event, insulin is not produced in the body and sugar accumulates in the blood, and considering the fact that the genetic factor can affect our body from birth to teenage years, people usually suffer from it from young ages to adolescence.

In such cases, the patient must take the necessary insulin under the supervision of a physician and according to a schedule.

However, type 1 diabete includes only about 10 percent of all cases, and 90 percent of people affected by type 2 diabetes.

 Diabetes Type 2


In diabetes type 2, the insulin-producing cells in the islets of Langerhans do not have the ability to supply the insulin needed by the cells, and in some cases, insulin is produced but is not able to enter the cell, and naturally the process of converting sugar into energy does not occur. The result of such a situation is the accumulation of sugar and the onset of diabetes.

Often most people do not even know they have diabetes type 2, however they do struggle with such problems as frequent urination, excessive thirst and hunger, blurred vision, slow wound healing and bruising – pain or numbness in the hands and feet, can be a clear sign of the progression of diabetes.

Avoiding foods that contain sugar, constant control of blood sugar level and in some cases insulin injections are among the requirements to fight diabetes, but since type 2 diabetes can be prevented and controlled, researchers, in addition to treatment options, emphasize the need to change lifestyle, ‌avoid stress, be more active, and improve the nutrition of people who are affected or at risk of diabetes.

Stress as one of the most important environmental factors involved in the development of type 2 diabetes can affect the secretion of insulin in the body. Improper nutrition is also mentioned as a major factor in the prevalence of diabetes. If a lot of sugar enters the body and is not converted to energy, there is no other way but to inject insulin or to get food to help the body produce insulin.

The effect of NBS superfood on diabetes control:

nbs effect on diabetes

Through researches conducted on insulin-producing cells in the pancreas, researchers have found that it is possible to repair and increase the efficiency of these cells, and if these cells are empowered, diabetes can be greatly cured, controlled or treated.

Research at NBS Superfood company has yielded interesting results after investigating the effect of this fortified nutrient on the insulin-producing cells of the islets of Langerhans as well as glucose (sugar) receptor cells. It turned out that cells whose tissues had not been severely damaged by the immune system were repaired and succeeded in absorbing sugar after the consumption of NBS superfood.

The results of this research help the people with type 1 diabetes alot, but these studies become more important when we know that in the process of examining type 2 diabetes, NBS superfood, in addition to strengthening and empowering insulin-producing cells, by   regulating autonomic nerves (Sympathetic and parasympathetic) can also regulate insulin secretion, which is a major achievement in controlling and improving type 2 diabetes.

The results of the abovementioned research introduce the NBS superfood product as a natural, without any side effects, and very suitable food supplement for people with diabetes, the positive effects of which can be seen in the tests of diabetics consuming this product.


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