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Athletes and bodybuilding supplements

The field of bodybuilding supplements and fitness has long been considered by many people.   Along with ordinary people, athletes are also professionally exercising to increase their level of physical ability.

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Since increasing muscle mass is one of the most important reasons for people to go to the clubs, in addition to eating protein-rich foods, the do’s and don’ts of using bodybuilding supplements to build better muscle mass and tissue have always been questioned.



Bodybuilding Supplements

Should protein supplements be used in addition to strenuous bodybuilding activities?

What are the side effects of these protein supplements?

Should bodybuilding supplements be used only by professional athletes or can ordinary people use them in clubs?

These are questions that may arise for all those who become members of these sport clubs.

Reasons to use protein supplements

Professional athletes, in order to build more so-called muscular body, and meeting the needs of their body naturally, in addition to the strenuous exercise, they should also use protein and muscle-building supplements.

In general, the use of these supplements is not prohibited for professional athletes if they meet the two basic factors of using original supplements and consuming the right amount.

Popular supplements such as protein Whey and creatine, which are widely used, are now found in market in the form of fakes for athletes.


Reasons to use protein supplements​

Excessive and uncontrolled consumption as well as unknowing use of these supplements can cause severe side effects for the consumer.

Creatine and bodybulding supplements

Creatine and bodybulding supplements

Creatine is produced naturally in the body, but its supplement is one of the most common and popular among bodybuilders these days.

Creatine increases the mass and strength of muscles and can quickly enlarge and tighten the muscle tissue formed by exercise.

It also gives the athletes the privilege to increase their power and to perform strenuous sports activities so be able to achieve the desired results faster.

Creatine and its side effects


This supplement is usually produced in powder form and can be consumed in combination with water or other beverages according to a specific period and is recommended to the athlete based on a specific exercise plan and nutrition program.

Creatine can cause some side effects, including shortness of breath, skin inflammation, increased heart rate, nausea, seizures, and weight gain, which vary from person to person.

If you have any underlying diseases such as diabetes, you should use it only under the supervision of your doctor.

It should be noted that creatine consumption without doing strenuous exercise will practically have no effect and should not be considered as a supplement that meets the needs of the body.

Protein Whey on bodybulding supplements

One of the most popular names among athletes is the brand of protein Whey. This protein is made on the basis of milk and can have a very positive effect on building muscle mass and strengthening athletes’ muscles and also repairing damaged tissues.

Protein Whey can be useful for athletes if it is not combined with hormones or chemical compounds such as pesticides (which can cause very serious digestive and liver problems).

However, some of protein Whey available in market have lost their function due to their production process and are practically ineffective.

Besides these protein supplements usually contain a lot of sugar, which if consumed regularly, and can increase the risk of diabetes.

Anabolic steroid supplements

Anabolic steroid supplements​


The use of these supplements to repair damaged muscle tissue after strenuous activity is common among athletes.

In the case of these supplements, the danger that threatens people the most is the effect they can have on the nervous system, and as a result, it creates aggression in some people.

Other side effects of these supplements include changing the menstrual cycle in women and also increasing body hair.

Consult with a sports coach to choose supplements

Choosing supplements without consulting bodybuilding and medical professionals can be very troublesome.

It is recommended to normal people who just aim for health and fitness exercise and do not do much professional activity, that along with protein supplements use a natural and suitable supplement that provides the necessary micronutrients. These natural supplements can provide the energy needed for physical activity and regulate the body’s metabolism.

As mentioned, bodybuilding protein supplements should be used in conjunction with strenuous exercise to be effective.

Of course, an athlete outside the club also needs natural supplements to be able to increase their physical and mental strength and meet the body’s needs for minerals and micronutrients.

NBS Superfood, a natural and vitamin-rich supplement

NBS Superfood is a natural supplement that provides all the useful vitamins, minerals and micronutrients your body needs for sports activities.

It also compensates for the deficiencies that the body suffers after strenuous exercise by creating the necessary energy.

NBS Superfood contains vitamins, minerals, phenolic compounds, omega-3, antioxidants, flavonoids, proteolytic enzymes, proteins and other vital substances.

Daily consumption of NBS superfood, in addition to increasing the physical and mental strength of the athlete, improves the quality of sports activity and also does not interfere with other protein supplements needed by athletes.

So do not forget NBS Superfood along with your heavy sports activities.


In this article, we introduced the most important bodybuilding supplements, including creatine and protein Whey.

We pointed out the pros and cons of each and figured out how to use them.

It was also mentioned that if you do not do professional sports, using these supplements will be practically ineffective.

In addition, we recommended NBS Superfood as a natural and healthy supplement to meet the body’s needs to micronutrients and increase strength.


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